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Re: greenland paddle class clamps - me too? *PIC*

: Ok, finally, seriously cold outside and not doing anything else,
: for everyone else:

: Here's the paddle "clamps", it's basically a 2x4 with a
: 2x2 screwed and glued to the bottom to form a T, stiffens the
: top. There are two carriage bolts bolted to the top with a piece
: of rubber (actually hydrallic) hose slipped over them to cushion
: the wood. The paddle blank is slipped down between the bolts
: till it wedges in place, then the end is quick clamped to the
: "clamp". Then you can easily work on the other end of
: the paddle and the loom. The legs are optional, can be used in a
: vice or as I first used them in a Black and Decker Workmate. The
: legs are nice though.

: Bill H.

Another one: