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Re: Other: bad back paddling strategies?

: I've got a couple of mildly bulging disks in my lower back. It
: doesn't really hurt while I'm paddling, but sitting in general
: makes it unhappy the following evening. Everybody is different,
: but I'm wondering if anyone else here has that problem and has
: found ways to minimize discomfort that works for them. I do use
: one of those elastic braces and it seems to help. Any other
: ideas.
: Mark

Get some lessons from a really good teacher, and then talk to a personal trainer or an occupational therapist and explain to them what you want. Maybe you should talk to your doctor too? Show them videos of great paddlers, don't depend on your descriptions or what they think a kayak is, make sure they know. Making it easier to paddle won't be without effort, but even if you do it for paddling it will be really good for the rest of your life as well.