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Re: Tools: Hock Blades, planes, choices, money...

Hock gets nothing but good reviews. I sure they are good quality.

I have never used one simply because I can't see how it could be $80 better than the original Stanley blades. I can get these sharp enough to shave with so how much sharper could I get his? Same with high dollar planes. I tend to buy old used and spend an hour or two tuning them.

I know I don't fit the mold of spending money on tools like most woodworkers. Actually I don't mind but I want to get something in return other than saying I have a Hock blade (or whatever). I look for a return on that money. So instead I spent my money on good sharpening tools and improving my skills at sharpening and setting up the planes and glad I did.

Now, don't take that the wrong way. It's you money and you can do whatever you please. I don't want you telling me how to spend mine but I have a hard time seeing it being worth it. Now if I wear mine out and need to buy a new one, I will consider it.