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Tools: Hock Blades, planes, choices, money... *PIC*

Hello all,

Has anyone here tried Hock blades? I just read his book- over 200 pages about blades and sharpening. Certainly the guy knows his stuff. I think I'll give his blades a try. I am just wondering, however, is it worth spending nearly $80 on a blade and chipper for my existing plane, or should I just put it towards a more expensive plane altogether.

Also anyone try a Groz brand bench plane? I recently had the pleasure of visiting a Woodcraft store and got to check them out in person and was surprised that they seem to be very good quality, especially for the price. I just can't get over the "there must be a catch" feeling at this price:

What prompted this post was the visit to Woodcraft. I tried their Wood River plane... well... I mean I held it in my hand. Oh what a joy. It was beautiful. Like a work of glistening metal art. I hope the drool didin't cause it to rust. LOL I can get that plane for $107. I originally intended to get a Hock blade for my old Stanley and/or my HD special, but I decided to give it some thought. My plane doesn't adjust far enough up to close the gap very tight and the chipper is crap. The Stanley plane is my grandfather's old plane and needs a good bit of restoration. I just bought a nice old Stanley at an antique store that I was just going to get a Hock blade for, but oh that Wood River plane... the feel... the crispness... what to do?