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Re: You can tell that I am from Canada...

: When I saw the title of your post, Malcolm, my first thought was
: that you made a spelling omission: it should have read, :Hockey
: Blades",...then I read the post, got all excited thinking
: how in the world can you use hockey blades for kayak or surf
: board construction. I see I inferred the incorrect idea. Ah
: well, has me wondering how I can incorporate hockey blades into
: a build now. Starting the Solace 16EX build tomorrow after I get
: the shop ready for the work today. Feel more like going to the
: rink to play shinny hockey for some reason

: Robert (Hit 'm i)N( the corners) Pruden

That's hilarious!!! Check out the vid I posted on FB (stole it from Joe) about the guy "paddling" his canoe across a little peninsula of ice. My comment- "Canadian Portaging" :) You guys have balls my friend.

And as for hockey blades and kayaks- maybe not, but a GP in the hockey rink would be much better for knocking people's teeth out with, which I believe is what they use those hockey stick things for, right?