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Re: Tools: Hock Blades, planes, choices, money...

Almost all of the fancy new planes are reproductions or slight variations of the Stanleys. They make them because a certain class of people will buy the new ones rather than find and tune up an old one.

I don't think you need to buy a Hock blade necessarily, but there is no comparison between any blade that came with an old plane and one of the new planes/blades by Hock, Veritas, or Lie Neilson. They are worth every penny in nothing else if not how long they hold a very keen edge. I had to sharpen my blades all of the time until I replaced them. It's a big time saver. Especially with hardwoods.

I think any of the three would be great. I have the Veritas. The next time I tune up a bench plane, I think I'll get a chip breaker/blade set, because I find it difficult to tune and adjust the chip breakers, and I'm pretty sure there would be a performance advantage because the Bailey chip breakers are pretty flimsy.