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Re: Did it with plastic tubing
By:Stephen Bumb
Date: 9/17/1998, 10:13 pm
In Response To: Did it with Aluminum (Pete Ford)

> I used some aluminum tubing with about 1/8" wall thickness to do this
> on the bow and stern rope holes - used what seems to be the standard
> procedure of rough sanding tube outside to get fresh and rough grip,
> slathering hole and tube with epoxy, and ramming home.

> Looks real nice, and no problems so far (but I've only had it in the water
> 4 times so far so it isn't conclusive yet).

i used some 5/16 tubing i found at a pet store glued it into frame work of my skin on frame with polyurethane glue. my kayak is not finished yet but it should work good. i like the idea of coopper it will wear better then plastic and won't oxidize as bad as aluminum.


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