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Lining holes
By:Brian C.
Date: 9/16/1998, 2:37 pm

Hey folks,

I saw this interesting article puplished on the web about lining any holes with copper tubing, any thought?

I was going to put a PVC pipe in for a mast tube, but it got me thinking about using a copper pipe instead, with a cap soldered on the end of it so the mast wouldn't rub through what would have been epoxy.

What do you folks do for your rudder holes? if its not lined, or lubricated for that matter it would eventually find bare wood.

thanks in advance

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Lining holes
Brian C. -- 9/16/1998, 2:37 pm
Re: Lining holes
jim champoux -- 9/17/1998, 4:52 pm
Did it with Aluminum
Pete Ford -- 9/17/1998, 2:23 pm
Re: Did it with plastic tubing
Stephen Bumb -- 9/17/1998, 10:13 pm
Re: Lining holes
Nolan Penney -- 9/17/1998, 7:32 am
Re: Lining holes
paul lund -- 9/16/1998, 7:16 pm
Re: Lining holes
Mark Kanzler -- 9/16/1998, 4:19 pm