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Stripping/Epoxy Construction Sequence
By:Randy Bertrand
Date: 9/15/1998, 10:06 am

Being an experienced woodworker but first time kayak builder I am concerned about the inherit delay between when a Hull first gets Glassed on one side and when the inside of the Hull can be glassed. With moisture exchange only happening on the unglassed Hull, changes in humidity can torture the shape of the Hull.

The Plans (Georgian Bay Kayak) have the Hull striped on a box beam strongback and the Hull is Glassed at this point. Then the Kayak is flipped over and the Deck stripping is done. When the Deck is finally stripped/sanded, then it too is Glass. Afterwhich, both the Hull and Deck insides are Glassed. My problem is that I do not have a lot of time to get the Deck stripping done quickly so the Hull can be sealed on both sides with the Glassing asap.

I have a couple construction options but I was hoping I could some insights from the strip building experts here. The options I currently know about are:

1) Follow the Georgian Bay Plans and help control the humidity changes by putting a plastic sheet between the Deck and the Hull while the Deck is being stripped. Also, try to keep the the Shop Humidity constant with humidifiers, etc.

2) Strip the Hull but do not Glass. Remove the L-brackets holding the kayak to the strongback and place the Hull on stable cradles that hold the Hull securely. Proceed to strip the Hull. When all the stripping is done then both the Hull and Deck can be glassed.

I would prefer to do option #2 but may be unaware of hidden pitfalls....

Thanks for any help you can send my way!


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Stripping/Epoxy Construction Sequence
Randy Bertrand -- 9/15/1998, 10:06 am
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Wayne Bergman -- 9/17/1998, 12:28 pm
Re: Stripping/Epoxy Construction Sequence
Randy Bertrand -- 9/17/1998, 5:05 pm
#2 is OK, also have done #1
Pete Ford -- 9/15/1998, 7:18 pm
Re: Stripping/Epoxy Construction Sequence
Jay Babina -- 9/16/1998, 12:05 am