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Re: Dogs; Keep Us Posted Please
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 7/19/1998, 4:09 am
In Response To: Re: Dogs; Keep Us Posted Please (Mark Kanzler)

I took my 60 Lb Lab / Shepherd mix out kayaking yesterday (Saturday).

We rented a Wilderness Systems Pungo (Click the Link Below the Picture to See a Pungo). The boat has a very large cockpit, and is short and wide. For goofing around in the harbor it was okay.

We wanted a large cockpit and alot of stability so that I could take out my two year old daughter, or the dog.

The daughter did fine. She sat right in front of me, and leaned against me watching the other boats (in Newport Harbor) and even tried to help paddle. It was a bit awkward to have her in front of me because I had to hold the paddle farther away from my body than comfortable.

The dog did okay, but he kept wanting to turn around and face me, which put his nose in the way of the paddle's shaft. After awhile I got him to face forward, and found I could use the paddle to herd him back to facing forward whenever he started to turn around. He looked like he might try to jump ship a couple of times, but a firm "sit!" changed his mind.

All-in-all it worked out pretty well. I even told him to jump and let him swim back to shore when we were close enough for him to easily make it.

The boat itself was too slow, and too wide. The width made it awkward to paddle with a 240cm paddle (I'm 5'8", size ten shoe). The boat turned easily, which was helpful in the tight channels around Linda Island.

Big dogs definitely affect the balance of the boat when they move, and my dog seemed rather bored. I think he would rather have been chasing the ball in the water than sitting in a kayak. He prefers active pursuits, but I think he could acquire a taste for kayaking with a bit more experience.

I wish I'd brought the camera along. It was really a good photo op when the dog was lying down in the cockpit with his head laying on the deck in front of the cockpit. He seemed to be really getting it at that point, but our rental time was used up.

> Please pass on anything that you find out. I intend to take my
> 60 Lb. Lab / Shepherd mix kayaking when I get a boat built, and would
> like to learn more first. Let us know how it goes for you firsthand
> as well, eh?

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