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Re: Otto
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 7/7/1998, 4:25 pm
In Response To: That's Willy (Nick Schade)

My dog loves water, and likes to chase birds (which is why I now have a pet crow), so I worry about whether he'll stay in the kayak. he's pretty obedient, but I will make sure I can get him (and me) back into the boat before I start to venture far from shore, just in case he gets too excited about chasing seagulls and forgets his good manners.

I'd like to hear more from people who kayak with medium-large and large dogs. Mine is about 60 lbs., and mellows when I give him his diphenhydramine (banadryl) for his allergies. I'll time it so he is mellowed when we go paddling.

> Willy is a Welsh Corgi. He doesn't really like kayaking, but
> he thought he saw his mother coming so he hitched a ride to greet
> her sooner.

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