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Re: removing amine blush...
By:Ken Sutherland
Date: 9/15/2001, 10:55 pm
In Response To: removing amine blush... (Pete)

Thanks Pete!

You make it sound so easy.
My boat is in the basement and I had planned on taking it outside to wash off the blush. You know what they say..."give the laziest person the hardest job and they'll find the easiest way to do it"...I resemble that remark!

Thanks again.


: You know, people build therfe kayaks in some wonky places. While a lot of
: folks recommend soap and water for removing amine blush, if this boat is
: being built in your living room or the like...its impractical, especially
: in winter. What I had great success with , and dnged near no mess at all
: was a spray pump bottle of 50% alcohol and water and a slew of cotton rags
: bought from home depot. Spray the stuff on and rub off. Repeat till the
: hull is so dry it squeeks.

: Pete

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