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Re:'s a kayak
By:Ken Sutherland
Date: 9/14/2001, 10:05 pm
In Response To: Re:'s a kayak (mark stevens)


Thanks for the compliment. Glad to hear you're making progress too. Yes I am planning to hit the water this year, not 100% finished but I'll put the finishing touches on over the winter. I'll call you on Sunday or Monday and maybe get over to see your boat.
You wouldn't want to drop that pretty boat on the way to the water for your launch, I'll volunteer to help you carry it!

Talk to ya later.


: Hi Ken,
: Way to go. It was a nice looking boat when it was in pieces so it must really
: look great now! Are yoyu going to get it in the water this year? I am on
: my way now to Wave track to get foot braces. I know should have put them
: in earlier... Sometimes the excitment takes over and I loose my mind. Any
: way that and the drilling of the ends and the hatch gaskets and into the
: water we go. Talk to you later..Mark

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