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Re: Redwood one good wood
Date: 9/9/2001, 8:12 pm
In Response To: Redwood Strips (Steve M.)

Steve ,
Redwood is a wonderful wood for boat building. Its light rot resistant. Bends easy. It has a wonderful rich color that darkens in the sun. It has a delicios smell when being worked. It takes steel excellently. ITs a very wonderful wood. When usedi ts gotto be Uv protected a bit more then some other kinds of wood. (all should be UV protected) But that is a coat of varnish away. For a bright work it is wonderful and can be found in a varity of tones and color.

Having said that, I might suggest that it is just one in a host of good boat building woods. Think about building a boat out of several. The use of different woods in a single boat can be quite stunning, and its no more work then going with a single species. Playing with multiple speces is giving yourself an artists pallet it afford you creative play htat a single mono species baot won't have. (they are pretty in a diferent way.

Good luck


Good Luck,


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