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another point
By:mike allen --->
Date: 8/29/2001, 6:11 pm
In Response To: good luck stan! (mike allen --->)

: hey stan,

: absolutely great! good luck and i hope it works ok. please load up your yak
: for a tryout or so to get the diagonals set right.
: along with what al asked, what method do you find best for attaching.(like
: one way would be to mount the cart upside down with loose straps w/ the
: yak on the ground, lift up the yak and the cart rotates around and then
: tighten the straps) or can you attach it w/ yak on ground without the
: horiz struts and front strap attached and lift up and it swings forward?

another way would be to just leave the yak onl the ground either filled or not and mount the cart sideways sligtly loosely. then roll the yak on its side 90deg, clamp the straps and lift up. or do it sideways on a slope if filled for an easier roll up, or anywhere is ok if not loaded. And if its not loaded, who says the yak must be upright??? just clamp it on and have the yak sitting sideways or upside down - big deal - whose to know??

: anyway, if breaks, any tree branch or paddle shaft will replace any section.
: if the wheel goes(like not yours theyre too strong), make a branch skid
: for that side.

if one wheel does screw up or break, the other thing abt these carts is that the diagonals are variable. like if you look from the front or back, they make a parrallelogram approach w/ the axle and sheer always staying horizontal - so use it to advantage to keep major weight off the broken/wheel/skid side and deflect the cart over(shorten the wheel diagonal) so say 75% of the wt is on the single wheel and only 25percent on the skid. would have to balance it a bit on side hills, but everywhere else might skid not too bad.

if you're totally screwed and no branches are available for a skid, try to set the remaing wheel(take off the broken one) right on centre(like the whole cart is deflected at the bottom by 12inches-thewheel stays on the outside) and use the yak as a wheelbarrow. use the paddle under nearby decklines as a balance handle.

might work


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Nice! Thank you Ted
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good luck stan!
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 12:32 pm
another point
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 6:11 pm
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looks like cart 1a
mike allen -- 8/27/2001, 8:45 pm
No, it's 1b, but here's 1c:
mike allen -- 8/28/2001, 4:06 pm
Sorry, I don't know who owns the cart *NM*
Ted Henry -- 8/27/2001, 7:02 pm