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Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
Date: 8/27/2001, 9:40 pm
In Response To: Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready (Alex Ferguson)

: The cart shown in the first photo looks like it has the same wheels as we use
: here (in NZ). I've dragged a loaded double on sand using those wheels and
: often a loaded single for some distance on firmer surfaces.

: As far as height, the lower the better, more stable, smaller pieces to stow.

: The cart shown doesn't look good, complicated, too high, flimsey and I don't
: know how you would load a kayak on to it single handed. My own design gets
: round all those problems and quite a number have been built.

: Alex
: .
: .

Now don't go teasin' us Alex, send a drawing or Pictures. Please!! ;)


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R2K1 Pictures are ready *Pic*
Ted Henry -- 8/27/2001, 6:23 pm
Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
LeeG -- 8/27/2001, 9:53 pm
Nice! Thank you Ted
Shawn Baker -- 8/27/2001, 6:51 pm
How many required for a Montana Club? :)
Ted Henry -- 8/27/2001, 7:13 pm
Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
gary -- 8/27/2001, 6:40 pm
Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
gisela -- 8/28/2001, 8:31 am
Ray Port Angeles -- 8/27/2001, 10:05 pm
Re: cart
Stan Snapp -- 8/28/2001, 9:29 pm
good luck stan!
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 12:32 pm
another point
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 6:11 pm
Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
Alex Ferguson -- 8/27/2001, 9:23 pm
Re: R2K1 Pictures are ready
Rehd -- 8/27/2001, 9:40 pm
looks like cart 1a
mike allen -- 8/27/2001, 8:45 pm
No, it's 1b, but here's 1c:
mike allen -- 8/28/2001, 4:06 pm
Sorry, I don't know who owns the cart *NM*
Ted Henry -- 8/27/2001, 7:02 pm