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good luck stan!
By:mike allen --->
Date: 8/29/2001, 12:32 pm
In Response To: Re: cart (Stan Snapp)

: Mike, Ray, et all. I used Mike's designs and modified them to get a cart
: strong enough, I hope, for the Bowron Lake portages. It has to carry my
: Georgian Bay stripper and 8 days worth of gear. The wheels came from
: Northern Tool & Equipment I wanted them
: large enough for the mud an easy rolling and small enough to stow inside.
: They are 12.5" X 2.25 with ball bearings, they fit a 1/2" axle
: and weigh only 2# each. At $5.99 each they are hard to beat. I used hard
: wood for the struts as I backed over my first model that used plywood
: struts and they broke at the axle. This cart could be constructed lighter
: but I needed it to be tough. I return from my trip on 9/16, I'll let you
: all know whether it held up. Thanks again Mike for your help.

hey stan,

absolutely great! good luck and i hope it works ok. please load up your yak for a tryout or so to get the diagonals set right.
along with what al asked, what method do you find best for attaching.(like one way would be to mount the cart upside down with loose straps w/ the yak on the ground, lift up the yak and the cart rotates around and then tighten the straps) or can you attach it w/ yak on ground without the horiz struts and front strap attached and lift up and it swings forward?

anyway, if breaks, any tree branch or paddle shaft will replace any section. if the wheel goes(like not yours theyre too strong), make a branch skid for that side.

very cool to see, stan.


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good luck stan!
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 12:32 pm
another point
mike allen ---> -- 8/29/2001, 6:11 pm
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looks like cart 1a
mike allen -- 8/27/2001, 8:45 pm
No, it's 1b, but here's 1c:
mike allen -- 8/28/2001, 4:06 pm
Sorry, I don't know who owns the cart *NM*
Ted Henry -- 8/27/2001, 7:02 pm