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Re: rolling
By:Nick Schade
Date: 6/30/1998, 7:22 pm
In Response To: rolling (nathanael)

You should be able to roll the Little Auk although it will not be the easiest boat you try. A couple classes can save you a lot of water up the nose, as can a pair of nose clips. I like "The Bomb Proof Roll and Beyond". It has a clear explanation.

> I am building a 11ft auk and would like to know if it is possible
> to do a eskimo roll in it if so how do you attempt to roll and come
> back up. I recently went on a white water trip to the Ocoee River
> in North Ga Where the olympics were in 1996 i saw many kayakers with
> smaller boats do rolls i would like to know how to attempt this....thanks
> for all your info........

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