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Re: rolling
By:Karl Coplan
Date: 6/29/1998, 1:57 pm
In Response To: rolling (nathanael)

> I am building a 11ft auk and would like to know if it is possible
> to do a eskimo roll in it if so how do you attempt to roll and come
> back up. I recently went on a white water trip to the Ocoee River
> in North Ga Where the olympics were in 1996 i saw many kayakers with
> smaller boats do rolls i would like to know how to attempt this....thanks
> for all your info........

The best way to learn to roll is to take a lesson from an instructor, or at least someone who knows how. The best written instructions I have seen is in David Seidman's book "The Essential Sea Kayaker." There is also a book "The Bombproof Roll and Beyond" which is written for whitewater kayakers.

As I remember the Auk, it has a large cockpit and is fairly beamy. Unless you can brace your knees in the boat really well, you will simply fall out when you are upside down, instead of being able to roll. The beam of the Auk may also make it difficult to roll, but I'll defer to the designer on this one.

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