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Re: rolling
Date: 6/29/1998, 7:13 pm
In Response To: rolling (nathanael)

You should be able to roll that boat. With enough finesse, air in your lungs, and determination you roll just about any boat. I have heard of people rolling white water canoes. Some boats are easier to roll than others. In general the more contact you have with your boat and the more banana shaped your boat is the easier it is to roll. I would say the Little Auk should be about average.

The best way to learn is one on one with an instructor but that can be kind of expensive. Another great way is to get together with a buddy who is also learning to roll and practice together. I have pretty much taught myself this way. I am not bomb proof but I am getting pretty regular. I learned most of my technique from the Derek Hutchinson books (Book 1: The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking Book 2: Eskimo Rolling) which I found at the library.(Check

When you start have nose plugs(so your sinuses don't drain for the next week(with chlorine it is really bad)) and goggles(so you can see what is going on). They really help when you are learning, even though you will eventually want to stop practicing with them to get the full effect. Really practice your "hip flick" and try some rolls with your paddle float on.

Maybe I'll go try some rolls tonight.


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