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Re: Shaping Forms
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 7/30/2001, 4:38 pm
In Response To: Shaping Forms (Mike Boren)

You should be okay. Make sure you align the forms according to the lines, not according to the edges (since they're off a bit). As you're laying a strip, it should make a nice smooth curve. If you see a dip or flat spot, you can shim in that area with a piece of posterboard. If you see a peak, you can shave a little off with a sander (you ought to have a ROS for fairing) or rasp. Even if you don't correct these spots as you strip, you'll get a chance to do it later when you're fairing. However, it's less work (overall) to prevent them in the first place.


: I am attempting to build a Guillemot L. I started to set up the strong back
: the other night and was looking over my forms. I thought I had done a good
: job of shaping them but on closer inspection they are not perfectly
: symmetrical.

: I purchased the full size plans from Nick, used spray mount adhesive to
: attach the drawings to 3/4 plywood, rough cut them on my bandsaw and used
: a Ridgid oscillating spindle/belt sander to clean them up. I thought this
: would be very accurate but as I was sanding the paper curled a bit. In
: some place I sanded right to the line, other places slightly over and
: still others slightly under the line.

: The maximum difference in any given area is no more than 1/8 of an inch and
: probably closer to 1/16. Is this going to cause a problem in the finished
: boat? Will the hull move a little anyway when I remove it from the forms?
: How accurate do I need to be?

: The sander was borrowed, I hate to ask to use it again, and I really don't
: want to go out and buy one.

: Please tell me what to do!
: Thanks,
: Mike Boren

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