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mixing oil and water?
By:Paul G. Jacobson
Date: 7/19/2001, 3:16 am
In Response To: Re: Canvas covering (Rehd)

: As for the finish, most of those I've heard from have covered their boats
: with some sort of sealer " Snow-Roof " being the one I mostly
: remember being mentioned. Then, a water-based acrylic latex paint diluted
: to 50/50 with boiled linseed oil is painted over the entire boat. 3 or 4
: coats have been used to fill the weave of the canvas, and on each
: successive coat, the mix of oil vs. paint has been altered. ( ie. Paint 60
: / oil 40..... Paint 70 / oil 30 and so on with less oil on each coat ) The
: linseed oil keeps the latex paint flexible so that you don't get any
: chipping.

I'm not too familiar with anyone trying to use boiled linseed oil with latex paint. It doesn't mix very well,if at all. The boiled linseed oil is added to an OIL based paint to increase the flexibility.

While oil-based paints are generally preferred, if you use a latex paint (which is thinned with water) stay away from adding oils. Just put on thin coats. The latex finish has sufficient flexibility on its own, without additional help.

Snow roof or Snow wite, or similarly named products are water-based elastomeric rubber compounds. You can put on several coats and build up a thick layer of rubber on the surface of the fabric, or you can put on two or three coats and it will be about like coating the fabric with a latex paint. No oil need be added to this, either. A thick layer will cure faster with some UV exposure, so, unlike most paints, these materials work best on hot, sunny days.


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