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Re: 50K: ya did it, Rehd!
Date: 7/18/2001, 10:01 am
In Response To: Re: 50K: ya did it, Rehd! *NM* (Shawn Baker)

Ha!! Only Cause Bill is on vacation! :) You heard from him lately Shawn? I'm wondering how he's coming along on the twins!

Well, I could sure use that 50K in my pocket right now instead of on this screen. Ha! Lets see, didn't I get the 30K as well, or was it the 20K. ??

Sure been a lot of good info passed between the two. If it wasn't for this BB I'd be off doing something else besides boats. When I started lookin' my friends were floating around in F.G. boats and I couldn't afford one, but in looking for a deal on the net, I ran across this site and haven't left yet. 3 or 4 boats lined up, one for the R2K1, maybe two, and two more this fall. And really enjoying the company and resources available here.

Well, off to work......... before boats is all I got to do. :)

( not that that would be a bad thing )


Thanks again Nick, for the use of your " Back Porch!"

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