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Re: Canvas covering
By:Alan Adams
Date: 7/18/2001, 11:50 pm
In Response To: Re: Canvas covering (Rehd)

Then, a water-based acrylic latex paint diluted
: to 50/50 with boiled linseed oil is painted over the entire boat. 3 or 4
: coats have been used to fill the weave of the canvas, and on each
: successive coat, the mix of oil vs. paint has been altered. ( ie. Paint 60
: / oil 40..... Paint 70 / oil 30 and so on with less oil on each coat ) The
: linseed oil keeps the latex paint flexible so that you don't get any
: chipping.

Thought I'd pass on a bit of random info...don't know how well it relates to this, but food for thought:
I do a bit of oil painting, and on of mantras is "fat over lean". The idea is that each succesive layer of paint has more oil in it. Because the amount of oil in the paint lengthens the drying time, this makes sure that the bottom layer does not dry slower than the top layer, which would cause the top layer to crack. That's why all the old paintings in the museums have that crackle.
DOn't know how this relates to kayaks, but something to think about when you're painting your boat...

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