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Re: fence wood
By:Paul G. Jacobson
Date: 7/17/2001, 3:38 am
In Response To: Re: fence wood (Tom-Atlanta)

: So am i understanding correctly that fence and deck cedar are not
: treated,

Cedar and redwood are naturaly resistant to rot. That is the big reason they are used so much for shingles (cedar) and siding. In order to make pine as resistant it must be pressure treated with chemicals. Such treatment would be overkill for cedar and redwood, and while it is possible, probably the cedar and redwood are not treated. Usually structures built from these woods are eventually painted, or covered with a penetrating stain for longevity.

: . . . There is a supplier for both cedar and
: redwoodfence and decks down the street but I never went buy there for same
: reason.

So go visit the guy :) He would probably appreciate your business, even if you only buy 4 boards from him.

Redwood is light and easy to work, but personally I think it is a bit more brittle than cedar. If you choose redwood and your design calls for a lot of twisting and bending of the strips, make some narrower ones when you cut the strips. In some areas clear redwood, or pieces that are almost clear, are very easy to find, and reasonably priced. The color goes darker when you put on the epoxy resin, which can make for a very interesting look.

Rip a piece of pine and make some strips for light accents against the darker background. Pine is inexpensive wood, so your money will go farther, too.


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