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Re: fence wood
By:Paul G. Jacobson
Date: 7/16/2001, 3:06 am
In Response To: fence wood (Tom-Atlanta)

: I thought I had read in earlier posts that weather treated woods for decks
: and fencing didn't work well because of the chemicals used to treat them.
: Anyone
: have any info on this.I also have access to some very clear cedar fencing.

I believe most treated woods are southern pine. For our purposes, we might jsut as well use untreated southern pine. It weighs the same, costs less, and is not toxic to cut and sand. Covering it with epoxy resin does a great job of keeping it from rotting for many decades.

Personally, I like to use cedar deck materials. They are commonly available, do not have large, loose knots (and I pick over the stack for the best planks), and 16 foot lengths are readily available. I can scarf a 12 foot nominal 5/4 x6 into a nice 22 foot long, nominal 5/4 x 3 by just ripping it down the center and making a 2-foot-long diagonal cut on the end of each piece. Just one glue joint. Ripping this into wide strips gives me actual 1 inch by 3/4 or 1 by 1/2 inch strips for skin on frame boats. Of course narrower strips for strippers are possible, too.

: by the way my neighbors cedar siding was wedge shaped so the pieces I
: obtianed will only produce a few strips per board from the thicker sides.
: But I did get a decent sized pile of wood,he picked out the best pieces
: for me and discarded the rest.

Siding tends to be that way :)
Look for better cuts of cedar elsewhere.


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