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Re: Aniline dye
By:Dave Houser
Date: 7/13/2001, 3:31 pm
In Response To: Colouring wood strips (JJ)

: I like the idea of a dark hull, I was thinking of using redwood but it is
: unavailable in my area. My next idea was to use an anyline dye to stain
: the wood a darker red colour (I have used it on other wood projects with
: great success) but I don't want to compromise the epoxy bond. Is this a
: valid concern or am I just being paranoid?

: Thanks,
: JJ

The dye only stains the surface of the wood, It must be applied after final sanding and that means it is impossible to avoid staining any adjacent accent strips. Since you have used it before I'm sure you know all this but the quick recap is for the benift of the other readers

Aniline dye is compatable with epoxy just make sure you allow enough time for the water to evaporate before applying epoxy.

For a complete how-to see

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