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Re: Cheap tools are fun too!
Date: 6/29/2001, 10:37 pm
In Response To: Cheap tools are fun too! (Jay Babina)

: Unfortunately we're not all rich. and haveing a few cheap tools makes the
: expensive ones more appreciated.
: I have a $19 Sears quarter sheet pad sander that's over 9 years old. I used
: it on a S & glue and two strippers before I burned it out soaking it
: while wet sanding etc. I rebuilt it with no parts and got another year out
: of it. Now the amature is burned. So cheap tools cost more in the long
: run? Lets seel thats 19 divided by 9 = $2.20 a year and that's with wet
: sanding with power tools. (Don't do this at home) I value nice tools but
: it's fun finding bargains too.
: I also have a $29 electric hand plane by Central Freight - I swear it's a
: Ryobi ($85) under the hood.

I'm with you Jay. I always recommend Sears because I know that Sears doesn't build their tools. They buy others, in quantity and put their name on them. LIke Ryobi, De Walt, Delta. All you got to do is look under the hood and you'll find that the Sears 12" thickness planer is chuck full of Delta parts. etc. etc.

They just have Sears written on them and therefore you aren't paying for the name, just the product. Many people are deathly allergic to Sears, so If I have harmed anyone here, .... eh.. so be it. :)

One thing you have to consider when you are telling someone to go out and buy that Super-Duper Magic Making piece of jewelry for umteen hundred dollars is that they probably don't have a clue what to do with it except for the one task they are wanting it for right now. Then it will be set on a shelf for a few years until the big yard sale comes and they have to give it away for $20.00. Major loss and heart ache, and all the Gizmos and Gadgets won't get them any extra $$$$ sitting out on the front lawn.

My theory is, if you need it for some specific job and don't have a list of projects all lined up for it, then just buy what you NEED and save the $$$$ for something else, like epoxy. Even the cheap stuff is more expensive than that jigsaw.

ie. in the past, I've heard many a folk recommend the most expensive, fancy plunge router in the world for cutting bead and cove. ????????? Why??? If someone is here asking what router to use, chances are they don't know a router from a disk sander and all the expensive conveniences are wasted and so are a lot of out of pocket $$$$$$$$.

Jays cheapo jigsaw will probably do any job that any of these boats will require and do it for many years. I'm using a Sears jigsaw that's about 35 years old and went through many kitchen cabinets and furniture projects and is still doing the job and going strong. Probably cost me the same $19.00 back then.

The expensive, jewel quality tools are great and if you've got them, and can use them, that's super!! Wish I did too, as I know how to use them. But.... the cheapies will do the job at hand and are plenty good if you are only planning the one task, or a couple of other boats. Then, you can let it rest until you come up with something else it is useful for. Or, sell it at the yard sale for $20.00, or half what you paid for it or less and you still come out ahead. :)

Rehd ( off the soap box.. for now... :) ) but, I'll be a watchin' 8?)

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