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Re: And a mod to that...
By:Don Beale
Date: 6/27/2001, 10:46 am
In Response To: Another poor-man's roof rack (Mike Nicholson)

On my Subaru, I have similar pairs of foam blocks that fit over the standard roof rack. I then made a square frame to go over the two pcs of foam and lock the whole assembly on the car. Very simple; three pcs to each rack and th eboat is rock solid.

: Nice Idea Mark.
: When I cut my bulkheads from 3" foam, they left a piece of scrap that
: matched the hull in about the two right places. I sawed the bottoms flat
: and ripped a groove to fit my mini-van roof racks. (The table saw left a
: nice finish. I had to be careful with the feed so it didn't grab.)
: If you already have the foam, its another cheap solution.
: Mike

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