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Re:Thanks Shawn ..MS Browser VooDoo (O.T.)
By:Bill Boyd
Date: 6/26/2001, 7:48 pm
In Response To: Re: See if this link works *Pic* (Shawn Baker)

: You have to use / slashes rather than \ slashes in the URL address bar.

: Nice rack--very nice rack!! Like I always say, if you can't find what you
: want, you've got to build it yourself!

: Shawn

: I have a custom steel rack on my 89 Nissan Hardbody


Believe it or not my MS browser sees nothing wrong .
I tried to prewiew that message 3 times ,and I will admit I got the url wrong on the first attempt .... so I edited it again with the right URLs and that handy
little feature that Microsoft has of try to out guess what you are going to type
automatic like fills in the forms and wants you to make the same mistake twice.
My original problem was with the spaces in the file names bringing up strange
characters in the URL to cut and paste.
maybe my FTP program intigration messing things up.
I had to install Netscape 4.6 (not that wussified version 6)to see what you where talking about,
Thanks for the correction and I hope your paddle is feeling better ..I'm
still using my first Baker Birdmouth and love it!


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