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How I use and set up a Spokeshave
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I like to draw (pull) the spokeshave and have one edge leading (one side cutting prior to the other side).

Look at how you are holding the spokeshave. For drawing the spokeshave I firmly hold onto the two handles with my fingers and have my thumbs down near the leading edge of the base for control. So what does this look like well, when your ready to grab the spokeshave have your two thumbs sticking out touching each other and the rest of your fingers facing forwards. Roll your fingers around the handles; the thumbs get lowered down the base of the spokeshave. Your thumbs control the pressure of the blade.

For setting the blade depth.

On cedar I found the depth to be the equivalent to that of card stock. Put a piece of cardstock on the bench, put the leading edge of the spockshave on top of the card stock up to the point of the blade. Loosen the adjustments and lower/lift the blade until it is even with the bench and the base of the spokeshave rests smoothly on the card stock. Carefully tighten the screws, loosely at first and then tighten them both up afterwards. I have found that if I tighten the blade one screw at a time the blade will be at an angle with the blade being shallower on the side tighten second.

Good luck, and hour of practice and you will have it figured out, just make sure your blade is sharp and check it periodically. A sharp tool is easier and safer to use than a dull tool.


: I started my new kayak last week. The hull is stripped, the staples pulled,
: and most of the outside planed. There are some areas on the hull that the
: plane just won't get due to the curvature. So, after reading Nick's book,
: I decided a spokeshave was the tool to use, and went out and got myself
: one. Well, there were no instructions included in the package, but I gave
: it my best shot. I tried the blades set shallow, deep, and everywhere in
: between. I tried pushing it and pulling it. Unfortunately, the results
: were pretty disappointing - mostly just got a lot of chatter.

: I searched the web for information on how to use this device, but did not
: have any success. The best I found was that it is a very useful tool if
: used properly. Didn't really need a computer to tell me that the best way
: to use it is to use it properly.

: Any information on how to use a spokeshave would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks in advance,

: Ken

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