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Sealing the interior

I wouldn't have any doubts about using them.

I know it is common practice for wooden SUP and surf board builder to not seal the interior of the board. Personally, I think this potentially seriously compromises the life span of the board.

If a board is used regularly and has a vent (needed to keep the board from tearing itself apart during temperature changes) there will be humidity getting inside. This will inevitably condense on the interior surface. With enough use, and enough moisture, this will cause rot, delamination, glue failure, etc.

I suspect for most people the board will not get used enough for this ever to be a problem, and compared to a foam board which have a very short life span, a wooden board will last a long time regardless of whether or not the interior is sealed, but since it could be a problem, and sealing the interior is an option, I would completely seal the interior with epoxy and use epoxy with fillets to glue in the frame.

I would even consider a light 2-oz glass on the large interior surfaces to assure a solid seal and greatly increase the strength. Where they individually strip up the rails, I would paint a couple coats of epoxy on the inner surface before attaching the deck. The added time involved would be minimal, but it could significantly extend the life cycle of the board.