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Re: Strip: Upcoming Trip - Use my strip boat or go

: A question from an absolute newby who is considering the same trip:
: what is a "strainer"?

We've all been newbies at one time so glad you are asking....

A strainer can take a couple of forms but one is when a river is running very high and the water is flowing through the overhanging branches of trees that would be above water at normal flow. Another is when a tree has fallen into a river and the water is flowing through the branches of the downed tree. The water flowing through the branches creates an entanglement hazard should you paddle through it. There is a great risk that the water pressure of the downstream flow could trap you against the branches possibly pushing you underwater. Great risk of drowning. Keep away from strainers when in your boat and especially if you capsize and are in the water.

Bob Beaullieu