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Re: Let's try that picture again...

: The canoe is beautiful. Is it your design? If so are plans
: available?
: Father inlaw looks happy.

Thanks Clayton! To answer your questions: yes and soon. The design is named after the brook that runs through my in-law's camp property: The Welsh. My father-in-law, Steve, spends a lot of time on those 300 acres. The canoe is thus the "Welsh Brook 13." I'm working on updating my website and will have the plans available shortly.

The canoe was a retirement gift for Steve after 35 years as a surveyor for the NHDOT. He wanted a small, solo canoe that he could portage into all the small lakes and ponds of Nothern NH and Western Maine. All of the black cherry came from the same property.

The camp property is dear to me as well. I even named my shop after it. The southern boundary is 1300 feet of the Clear Stream.