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Re: Strip: What would would you suggest?

Just wanted to say thanks everyone again for all the help! Now i'm off to do a little wood shopping!

: Hi,

: Building my first kayak, a Night Heron Hybrid and i'm about ready
: to get wood for the deck. In the image below i've illustrated my
: intended deck design (although i've decided to take out some of
: the detail such as most of the pinstriping). While I labeled
: everything with the types of wood i intend to use, as though I
: knew what I was talking about; the truth is, outside of oak and
: pine from lowes i'm pretty clueless as to the best woods to use.
: I'm looking for a darker, redish tone wood for what i've labeled
: 'red cedar'. And something light for what's labeled 'white
: cedar' and something inbetween for the 'yellow cedar', but I
: think i'd like it to be closer to the 'red cedar' in darkness
: than the 'white'. The hull is made of okuome with a cherry stem.
: I'm not totally sold on the color choices i've made so i'm open
: to any and all suggestions you may have. Looking forward to your
: responses!

: (PS: What's a good wood for the 'white'?)

: Thanks!
: Damian