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Re: Strip: What would would you suggest?

: Hi,

: Building my first kayak, a Night Heron Hybrid and i'm about ready
: to get wood for the deck. In the image below i've illustrated my
: intended deck design (although i've decided to take out some of
: the detail such as most of the pinstriping). While I labeled
: everything with the types of wood i intend to use, as though I
: knew what I was talking about; the truth is, outside of oak and
: pine from lowes i'm pretty clueless as to the best woods to use.
: I'm looking for a darker, redish tone wood for what i've labeled
: 'red cedar'. And something light for what's labeled 'white
: cedar' and something inbetween for the 'yellow cedar', but I
: think i'd like it to be closer to the 'red cedar' in darkness
: than the 'white'. The hull is made of okuome with a cherry stem.
: I'm not totally sold on the color choices i've made so i'm open
: to any and all suggestions you may have. Looking forward to your
: responses!

: (PS: What's a good wood for the 'white'?)

: Thanks!
: Damian

Depending on where you live btw, you can get yellow cedar. Around here it's nearly impossible to find, I've never seen any. White pine though while it's white unfinished once glassed turns yellow and it's fairly light weight.

Bill H.