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Re: paint underneath glass???
By:Nick Schade
Date: 11/2/1998, 11:36 am
In Response To: paint underneath glass??? (David Walker)

> I have a wood boat. Although I can appreciate the beauty of a nicely
> varnished boat, I personally prefer to have a painted boat. As such, my
> boat is white. Unfortuneately, when it gets a scratch, which it does not
> infrequently, it looks real ugly. For my next boat, I was considering
> putting on an undercoat of paint, directly onto wood, and then glassing
> and repainting, so that the scratches would not be so noticeable and ugly.
> Would this be a problem for getting a good bond between glass and boat, or
> a problem in any other way? Also, on my current boat, I would like to add
> additional glass to some of the chines which receive the most wear,
> particularly since I believe I sanded excessively and have minimal glass
> from first cloth glassing. Anyhow, I would sand before doing this, but it
> would be easier if I did not have to worry about getting all the paint off
> from the area I was glassing.

I would add some pigment to the epoxy instead of using a paint. You could make all the epoxy a solid color so when you scratch into it the scratch is less visable.

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