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Re: Lets settle it
By:Nick Schade
Date: 10/21/1998, 2:26 pm
In Response To: Lets settle it (Jon K.)

I would be happy to contribute some test samples. If you can tell us what you need. If George wants to supply all the samples for consistency, that works for me also.

I take it the Instron machine is a tensile strength test? Tensile strength would be hard to translate to boat strength. A 3-point test and/or impact test is what I have been trying to set up.

How much testing would you be willing to do? I would like to see some comparisons with plywood, plywood/fiberglass/epoxy, and pure fiberglass/epoxy or fiberglass/polyester. We outlined what we think the testing should be in previous discussions. If the archive is working today we can go back and check what we said.

> I have an idea to help settle this long arguement.

> There is an Instron testing machine (static loads to 30,000 lbs) at work
> that I can use. We have several three-point beam bending fixtures and a
> whole R&D lab to make sure the tests are done right. If someone will
> make the coupons, I will test them.

> There are other tests that may be performed with the machine. ASTM
> tension, compression, climbing drum peel, etc., but the three-point is
> probably the most suitable. I am open to any suggestions on tests to be
> performed and the matrix of coupons to test.

> Anyone interested?

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