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Lets settle it
By:Jon K.
Date: 10/20/1998, 1:06 am

I have an idea to help settle this long arguement.

There is an Instron testing machine (static loads to 30,000 lbs) at work that I can use. We have several three-point beam bending fixtures and a whole R&D lab to make sure the tests are done right. If someone will make the coupons, I will test them.

There are other tests that may be performed with the machine. ASTM tension, compression, climbing drum peel, etc., but the three-point is probably the most suitable. I am open to any suggestions on tests to be performed and the matrix of coupons to test.

Anyone interested?

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Lets settle it
Jon K. -- 10/20/1998, 1:06 am
Re: Lets settle it
Nick Schade -- 10/21/1998, 2:26 pm
Re: Lets settle it
Rob Cochrane -- 10/20/1998, 7:09 am