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Sanding on the Inside
Date: 9/8/1998, 8:58 pm

Im having a hard time sanding the inside of my kayak and I was wondering how much sanding has to be done? I know there cant be large steps between the strips but how large is too large? Of course the inside doesnt have to look as cosmetically good at the outside but I just want to get the job done and have a smooth comfortable cockpit and a safe boat. Im also worried about sanding through in places... but I dont want the fiberglass trapping air between strips. My block plane and orbital sander dont conform to the inside of the boat like they did to the outside, so maybe Im just using the wrong tools... Hand sanding is very slow. Would it be possible to minimize the sanding and just leave steps in places?

Thanks, Matt

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Sanding on the Inside
Matt -- 9/8/1998, 8:58 pm
Re: Sanding on the Inside
Jay Babina -- 9/10/1998, 10:32 am
Re: Sanding on the Inside
Nolan Penney -- 9/9/1998, 6:41 am
use a curved sureform to start
Mike Kestell -- 9/8/1998, 11:30 pm
Re: use a curved sureform to start
Nick Schade -- 9/9/1998, 4:16 pm
good point! (can also use curved scraper)
Pete Ford -- 9/9/1998, 2:05 pm
Tilt and move with fresh paper
Pete Ford -- 9/8/1998, 9:22 pm
Re: Tilt and move with fresh paper
Mike Scarborough -- 9/8/1998, 9:41 pm