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Re: Fiberglass questions
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 7/17/1998, 3:06 pm
In Response To: Fiberglass questions (Pete Maricle)

> When sanding between coats of epoxy (filling the weave) should
> I use a random orbit sander with 100 grit paper, or is that too aggressive?
> Should I sand by hand?

If possible, reserve your fill-coating for a weekend, and put all coats on without sanding in between. As long as you can dent the epoxy with your fingernail you can apply another coat without having to worry about removing blush or other surface preparation. I've done this during the week, but it involves putting a coat on in the evening, one on in the next morning before work, one after work ... you get the picture. All you can think about during the day is "I hope I can get home in time." Doing in on a weekend less stressful.


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