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Fiberglass questions
By:Pete Maricle
Date: 7/17/1998, 10:12 am

I am in the middle of fiberglassing my Guillemot Coastal and I have a few questions:

Once I have a layer of glass on the inside and outside of the hull and deck, is there any reason to keep the pieces on the forms any more?

When sanding between coats of epoxy (filling the weave) should I use a random orbit sander with 100 grit paper, or is that too aggressive? Should I sand by hand?

Last night I put a second layer of fiberglass on the bottom of the hull (just between the chines), and I had a lot of trouble with strands of fiberglass coming off at the edges and making a mess. What do other people do about this? What do I do with all of the strands that are now stuck to the boat right along the edge of this piece of fiberglass? Sand them off when I feather the layers?

Thanks in advance.

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Fiberglass questions
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