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Re: Stainless/ wood/ salt ?
Date: 7/16/1998, 1:32 pm
In Response To: Stainless/ wood/ salt ? (Stephen Bumb)

> 1 Does anyone have any experience with this corrosion problem
> ?

I would assume that the wood frame is sealed with something(epoxy, polyurethane, etc.). This coating should also do an OK job of sealing the stainless from water contact. And if you dry the boat out after using it the stainless should hardly ever be exposed to the water anyway.

> 4 Can you see the staples after you finish the skin with a sealant
> ?
> 5 What would be the best sealant to hide the staple heads ?

I would think you could use any surface sealer for the staples because they get covered with a PVC rub rail. But I am curious how they do the seams at the bow and the stern.


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