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Re: Stainless/ wood/ salt ?
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 7/16/1998, 11:06 am
In Response To: Stainless/ wood/ salt ? (Stephen Bumb)

If the kayak is sealed with epoxy, and considering how much of the time most kayaks are not in the water, I wouldn't expect this problem to occur.

If you're only coating with paint, and/or intend to leave the boat in the water, you may want to switch to bronze fasteners.

How old is the book? Is it possible that new alloys have been developed since it was published?

> "Stainless steel generally is not used on wood boats because
> the acids in some woods (especially oak), combined with salt water,
> seems to cause stainless steel to pit and corrode faster than ordinary
> galvinized mild steel."

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