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Re: hidden hatch catch
By:Dean Trexel
Date: 10/6/2001, 8:00 pm
In Response To: Leidy Lids (Matthew)

There's a certain individual who used to frequent this board who came up with another interesting method: child-proof latches for cabinets that are available at Wal-Mart for $6, if I remember correctly. They are opened with a magnet, so you would have to keep your magnetic 'key' handy (maybe on a cord in your PFD pocket). This method wouldn't use internal bungees. You would push the hatch cover down onto the foam seal until the latch catches. When you unlock it with the magnet, the compressed foam would pop the lid up.


: I`m planning to incorporate Mr. Leidy`s underdeck bungie system to the
: hatches of my Coho.

: The "finger divot" system for lifting the hatch doesn`t seem
: appropriate on a plywood boat.
: I guess you could hang a small tab of fabric or webbing on one edge of the
: hatch for a pull; any other ideas?

: Any insights or refinements (bungie orientation?) would be appreciated.

: Thanks, Matthew

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