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Re: Leidy Lids *Pic*
By:Don Beale
Date: 10/7/2001, 1:49 am
In Response To: Leidy Lids (Matthew)

I tried divots, and when the air inside cooled and contracted, it made the hatches too hard to pull. I added 1" webbibg, glued under the hatch and coming out the rim. It doesnt leak, as long as you fair the edges of the webbing at the seal.

I saw a nifty setup at R2K1, a small piece of rope with a bead on the end, sticking up about 1" through the hatch cover. I didnt see how it was attached.

I also made the bungees adjustable, using a loop on one end and a pushbutton slip thingy on the other. I'm glad I did, I can loosen them for general use and transport, and tighten them up for rough water. They do seal a little better when tight.

: I`m planning to incorporate Mr. Leidy`s underdeck bungie system to the
: hatches of my Coho.

: The "finger divot" system for lifting the hatch doesn`t seem
: appropriate on a plywood boat.
: I guess you could hang a small tab of fabric or webbing on one edge of the
: hatch for a pull; any other ideas?

: Any insights or refinements (bungie orientation?) would be appreciated.

: Thanks, Matthew

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