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Re: rendezvous
By:David Hanson
Date: 9/27/2001, 5:33 pm
In Response To: rendezvous *Pic* (Kent LeBoutillier)

: Hi All,

: I finally got a bunch of pics uploaded to a photo album. I don't know if this
: will work but follow the link below. go to send/share, at the prompt, type
: in for the account then rendezvous for the
: password. Click on the newfound 5 album and run the slide show. This all
: seems like a big pain but the pics are good!

: BTW, I can no longer receive/send e-mail from work and can no longer surf the
: net at work during my own time, due to a raise security level so you won't
: see me much here anymore. I'll check in from time to time here at home.

Nice pictures, those guys have done some work. I like the popup hatch idea.

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David Hanson -- 9/27/2001, 5:33 pm
Re: rendezvous
Bill Dumont -- 9/27/2001, 12:12 pm
Wonderful Pictures! Thanks Kent!
Dan Ruff -- 9/27/2001, 8:15 am