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Wonderful Pictures! Thanks Kent!
By:Dan Ruff
Date: 9/27/2001, 8:15 am
In Response To: rendezvous *Pic* (Kent LeBoutillier)

It looks like there were some really nice boats there. I really like the looks of that strip built seat. Definitely worth going through the trouble to see the slide show.

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rendezvous *Pic*
Kent LeBoutillier -- 9/26/2001, 7:39 pm
Re: rendezvous
David Hanson -- 9/27/2001, 5:33 pm
Re: rendezvous
Bill Dumont -- 9/27/2001, 12:12 pm
Wonderful Pictures! Thanks Kent!
Dan Ruff -- 9/27/2001, 8:15 am