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Re: Skeg
By:John Monfoe
Date: 9/25/2001, 6:31 am
In Response To: Re: Skeg (Dan Nelson)

: John,

: I had a small 'yak similar to the little auk, with the same tracking problem
: as you have, and a local kayak instructor suggested that I glue a 18"
: long piece of 3/4" half-round wood to the bottom rear of the hull. I
: gave it a try, and it worked fantastic! Very simple, very quick, and much
: lower drag than a full "skeg". You might want to give it a try.

: Dan

Paul, Dan, I always appreciate ideas. After really thinking through the foam covered with fiberglass and remembering how rough the rocks were on my boat in the BWCA, I'm sure it would't hold up. Once I was on top of a large summerged rock when I was fully loaded and liked to never got off. I think that would of crushed a foam skeg because I hit the rock really hard.

I may try a tempory 3/4" round skeg-keel. I have something like that now, in that I run my Ash nose protection wood at the bow and stern back a couple of feet or more and sticking up to act somewhat as the skeg you mentioned. But I can tell you I am so happy with the straight tracking after the mess that I had. I had to work like H to get out of the BWCA on a stretch that had wind and white caps coming from my rear. 10 paddle strokes or less and the boat took over on its own and turned into the wind and there was nothing I could do about it.
I almost felt like I had a pretty piece of junk.

Take care,

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