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a valuble comparison
Date: 9/13/2001, 5:13 pm
In Response To: a good kayak helps, too (Dean Trexel)

Hello Dean,

I consider this comparison very valuble.

We don't get many accurate comparisons very often here.

(exept those comparisons posted by the person who have tried it all
& knows everything better than anybody, the one & only GR !! )

I would assume the pygmy's are harder to roll, which explains why
I am having hard times with my coho.

I also assume I should keep practicing because it can be done.

thx alot,


: I have to put a plug in for the Outer Island and other lean, narrow boats
: with low aft decks because they make these techniques much easier. I
: barely learned to roll in my Pygmy Arctic Tern one season, then built my
: Outer Island over the winter, and had no problem rolling the O.I. upon
: first taking it out in the spring. In fact, I had totally forgotten the
: much-emphasized 'hip snap', and rolled up with ease without it. Laying
: sideways in the water, sculling, and bringing myself back up is easy, and
: I haven't had much instruction and haven't practiced much, either
: (although I need to practice these maneuvers in wavier conditions...)

: Dean

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